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Catherine Bernard ~
Soul Realignment practitioner
of the Akashic Records


Discover your Soul's true path


The Modality of Soul Realignment

This intuitive technique is a highly specialized process for accessing the Akashic Records, an energetic storehouse of all soul memories.  Here we uncover where your soul incarnated, what energetic qualities are specific to your spirit’s nature, and the particular choices that you have made that shape the human experience that you are having today.  In essence, we reveal your Divine Soul's purpose.

Along with this system of soul recognition we also explore the barriers and obstructions encountered throughout past and present lifetimes that are impeding your progress toward a fulfilling, satisfying and bountiful life. Once recognized, these restrictions are released from the soul record, allowing greater clarity of choice for your soul in this lifetime.


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Catherine Bernard

Catherine Bernard


Is a Soul Realignment reading right for you?

Do you believe that you are not just your body, and that you have lived many lives?  Here at Soulistic Solutions we believe that by accessing the information in the Akashic Records you can begin to understand your past lives, clear barriers and constraints allowing you to access the pure Divine Source Energy needed to shift your choices and actions, granting you the life you may have only dreamt of! Are you excited at the thought of understanding your soul’s true identity and translating it into the love, joy, and abundance you deserve in your everyday life?

The Soul Realignment Reading


Part I

The Soul Profile

This is where we uncover who you are at the soul level.  We discover your Divine gifts, your unique qualities, and all of the skills you have refined from past lives and have brought with you for this earthly experience.  This is how we identify your own unique way of receiving Divine Source energy.

In this reading we will also determine where your soul was incarnated, what level of soul awareness you are currently experiencing, and who you have enlisted to protect you in this present lifetime.  

Exploring your soul’s profile you can gain knowledge into your Divine nature.  You will become more self aware so that you may have better direction in your life and align with your true potential.  

By discovering your soul’s identity you will embrace the power of your own innate wisdom enabling you to step more fully into the expression of your authentic self.

Part II

The Soul Realignment

Once we have revealed your soul’s profile we can begin to examine the barriers and constraints that may be interfering and preventing you from living your successful life of joy and abundance.  Once identified, these obstacles can be removed energetically from your soul’s record restoring it back to it’s Divine state.  This is accomplished with an energetic process that I begin and you carry forward for 21 days.  This clearing practice will create a greater inflow of Vital Force Energy allowing you the opportunity to enlist the needed changes for new actions toward rewarding life changes.

Here are just a few of the blocks and barriers we can remove from your Soul’s Record: 

•Past life vows
•Compassionate connections
•Soul level contracts
•Golden web tears

•Negative guides
•Attaching soul’s
•Anger Spears
•Negative thought forms

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How and where do we gain this soulful information?

Dowsing is the modality we utilize to access the Akashic Records.  Using a diving tool such as a pendulum we gain access into The Akashic Realm described by Edgar Cayce as, “The Book of Life”.  Here all of the Soul information for every individual who has lived on the earth plane is stored.  
This is where our journey begins to identify your soul’s true identity, clear the old karmic patterns; allowing you to express your divine nature into your earthly existence.

Here’s what we need to begin your Soul Realignment session

First and foremost I will need to have your permission to access your Akashic Record.
In order to locate your soul I will need:

Your full current name
Your full name at birth
Date of birth
Place of birth

Once I receive the information we will set up a time to do a .... (more to come)


Additional Readings

Home clearing
Once your Akashic Record has been updated and you have new information to move forward in life with you may also want to clear your ... (more to come)


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